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We are a Coop

Based on the internationally agreed shared values, our principles are: self-help; self-responsibility; democracy; solidarity; honesty; openness; social responsibility and caring for others.

Our belief in quality services and standards, coupled with experience in the field, make us leaders in the passenger transport sector. The same qualities will make us leaders in all our new services. A strict, but subtle discipline, proudly defends the better image that we and our members have versus our competitors.

Economy needs cooperatives: they exist to fill a need in a community that is not being met by other businesses; having democratic member control as one of their principles, they promote democracy; build open-markets; raise human dignity, especially to their co-members; are systems for developments. Cooperatives are not simply a non-threatening alternative to capital companies; they supplement them.

Locally, the professional attitude at Coop Services Ltd made us a leading local organisation – not merely a representative body but a target-oriented organisation that provides, manages and regulates work and services to its members.