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Coop Services Ltd becomes strategic partner in a social tourism project
posted on 07.01.2011

Coop Services Ltd., being a transportation contractor, with a fleet of more than 350 units, decided to go for a new challenge since it has been founded. They have taken this challenge by taking the role of strategic partners, along with other local tourism stakeholders, to a national social tourism project which was entrusted since its foundation by Tony Coleiro, an established and specialist Consultant in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Industry, who has been also appointed Management Consultant of Coop Services Ltd., with an ambitious task to upgrade the operations of the cooperative, divert and find new opportunities for its respective members.

The Social Tourism Project is one of the main targets which need to be achieved amongst other projects which Coop Services Ltd. will take into consideration in the near future. This means that Coop will also cater for the Tourism Industry along with other traditional transportation services in Malta. Even the existing services will be under the scrutiny of the consultant, which will continue to improve on what have made the entity a success story to its members.

Coop Services Ltd. carries more than one million passengers
posted on 23.03.2010

More than one million passengers used the Park and Ride Service provided by Coop Services Ltd.

Replying to a parliamentary question raised by MP Anthony Agius Decelis, the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications, Austin Gatt said that between August 2008 and August 2009, a total of 1,073,528 used the Park and Ride service between Valletta and Floriana. This amounts to an average of 20,500 passengers every week.

This amount of passengers excludes those who use the 198 route provided by Public Transport Association.