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Terms and Conditions

General conditions of carriage

These Conditions of Carriage are the conditions on which Co-Op Services Limited (“Coop”) carries any person and their property and these conditions shall apply to each booking contract made for travel on a Coop Service.

Any person who travels on a Coop Service shall be considered to have agreed to be carried on the terms of these Conditions of Carriage.

Clause 1


In these Conditions of Carriage, the following words shall have the following meanings:

Booking means your booking for travel on a Coop Service upon which a reservation is made and the Fare and Card processing fee (if applicable) are paid.

Booking Confirmation means a print out of the document published on the Internet or email sent by us, or on our behalf, to the person making the booking which sets out our agreement to carry or arrange for the carriage of any person, including the services on which travel is booked and the fare paid.

Booking Confirmation Number means the reference number allocated to each passenger booking. It is the means by which an individual booking is identified.

Coop means Co-op Services Limited, a co-operative registered in Malta having its offices at ‘Co-Op’, Old Church Square, Birkirkara, Malta.
a Coop Service means any journey to be made, provided or arranged by us or on our behalf for the purpose of carrying persons and their luggage.

Fare means the price charged to you by Coop for each seat booked for a trip on an Coop Service (excluding the Car Processing Fee) in respect of a Booking made via our website.

Luggage Allowance means the two pieces of property, which you may bring onto a Coop without charge.

Walk Up Fare means the price charged to you by Coop for each seat booked for a trip on an Coop Service in respect of which no Booking has been made and upon which no Booking Fee is payable.

Clause 2

2.1 Carriage

We agree to carry you and your luggage allowance on the trip stated on your order confirmation and tickets subject to these Conditions of Carriage.

2.2 Carriage of Luggage:

In addition to your luggage allowance, Additional Luggage may be carried provided that you book and pay for an additional seat upon which the Additional Luggage must be carried.

2.3 Carriage of Children and Young Persons:

Except for school trips and other organized trips and events, children under 14 years of age will not be carried unless accompanied by a responsible person aged 18 or over.

One Child under 3 years of age may travel free of charge if accompanied by a passenger over the age of 18. The child will not be entitled to a seat or a Luggage Allowance. Additional children under the age of 3 will be charged the Fare.

2.4 Carriage of Animals:

We cannot carry dogs or any other animals on any Coop Service, other than guide dogs accompanying registered blind persons.

2.5 Your Booking Confirmation:

Your Order Confirmation is a record of our agreement to carry you and your permission to travel upon the Coop Service on which travel is booked and you have paid the Fare and Card processing fee (if applicable). If someone else made the Booking on your behalf, you agree that such person acted as your agent.

2.6 Amendments to your Booking:

Bookings cannot be changed once made. Customers may cancel their booking (see clause 2.7) and make a new booking as and when required.

2.7 Cancelling Your Booking:

Bookings may only be cancelled prior to the day of travel.

Unless cancellation is made within 24 hours from the time of booking, we will not provide refunds if you cancel your Booking, save that they will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances include, for example, where passengers are not able to travel owing to bereavement or on medical grounds in respect of which reasonable evidence is provided.

Requests for refund may only be made in writing to Coop at Co-op Services Limited, Old Church Square, Birkirkara, Malta.

Clause 3

3.1 Carriage By Other Carriers:

If, for operational reasons, a substitute carrier operates a Coop Service on our behalf then such substitute carrier will be treated as our sub-contractor and these Conditions of Carriage shall apply.

3.2 Liability in relation to carriage by another carrier:

Our Liability: To the extent that we have any liability to you for any act, omission, negligence or default of any substitute carrier, then our liability to you shall be as if we had carried you on and subject to these Conditions of Carriage and that the substitute carrier was our sub-contractor.

Entitlement of the other carrier: Where you are carried by any substitute carrier for the whole or part of any trip, you shall owe your obligations under these Conditions of Carriage to that substitute carrier as well as to us, and that substitute carrier shall be entitled to the benefit of any rights, remedies or limitations of liability you owe to use and set out in these Conditions of Carriage.

Clause 4

Passenger Responsibilities

4.1 Checking Booking Details Prior to Purchase

When making a booking over the Internet you must carefully check the details in the “Make Booking” screen of the Coop website. Once you have pressed the “book now” button a Booking Confirmation with confirmation number will be displayed.

4.2 Travelling With Your Tickets Printout

Unless other arrangements have been made, you must present a printout of your Tickets to the driver when boarding a Coop Vehicle for your trip as this is your proof of Booking and is the means by which entry to the vehicle will be granted. If you are unable to show your ticket you will not be permitted to travel. No refund will be provided for any Booking not utilised as a result of a failure to present your tickets.

If we have reason to suspect fraudulent use of a ticket, we reserve the right to refuse you permission to travel. No refund will be provided for any travel refused on the basis that fraudulent use of a Ticket is suspected.

Clause 5

Coop’s Responsibilities

5.1 Our Obligation To Carry You:

It is our obligation to carry you, your Luggage Allowance and your booked Additional Luggage (if applicable) on the trips booked by you as detailed on your order confirmation and tickets and subject to these Conditions of Carriage.

We will make every reasonable effort to carry you with the minimum discomfort and inconvenience.

5.2 Our Right to Cancel Services:

We reserve the right to cancel, withdraw or substitute any Coop Service without notice whether before or after you have made a Booking.

5.4 Our Liability for Cancellations and Withdrawals of a Coop Service:

Our liability is limited to that stated in these Conditions of Carriage:

Except as provided in these Conditions of Carriage, we shall not be liable for any loss, damage, liability or cost suffered by you as a result of any cancellation or withdrawal of any Coop Service by us, or any delay to or termination of any Coop Service.

5.5 Cancellation before service has commenced:

If we cancel or withdraw a Coop Service before it has commenced, due to a circumstance within our reasonable control and you have made a booking for travel on the Coop Service concerned, our liability to you will be at our option to: 

    i) Carry you on another Coop Service; 
    ii) Cancel your Booking and allow you to claim a refund for the full amount of your Fare.

5.6 Maximum Liability:

Our maximum liability to you for any loss, damage or liability which you may suffer or incur as a result of our failure to carry you, our delay in carrying you, any breach of contract to carry you, our negligence in connection with carrying you, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of our officers, employees, agents, representatives or sub contractors shall be limited to the cost of the Coop ticket purchased for that trip.

5.7 Death and Personal Injury Liability:

We do not exclude or limit our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence and also declare that all trips are adequately covered by insurance.

Clause 6

6.1 Luggage:

As defined under Clause 2 each passenger is permitted to carry their Luggage Allowance. Luggage Allowance being two pieces of property:
The luggage allowance is as defined above. Additional luggage must be carried on a seat (additional to the one you have reserved for your carriage), which must be booked and paid for in advance.

Should a passenger present himself or herself for travel with luggage in excess of the permitted amount as defined above and has not booked an additional seat (s) as required for Additional Luggage, then carriage of the Additional Luggage will only be permitted upon payment for an additional seat(s) and subject to availability. The Walk Up Fare will be charged for such seat(s).

Refunds will not be given to any passengers who elect not to travel because they have failed to purchase additional seat(s) for their Additional Luggage nor will a refund be granted for seats booked for the carriage of Additional Luggage and not used.

6.2 Prohibited Items:

Certain large items may or may not be permitted subject to the driver’s discretion which must be reasonably employed.

6.3 Responsibility for Luggage:

You are responsible for your luggage at all times.

6.4 Liability for Luggage and Personal Belongings:

We will only be liable for any loss or damage to your luggage and personal belongings caused by our negligence. Our maximum liability to you for any loss of or damage to your luggage whether for breach of contract, our negligence, or any deliberate or negligent acts of any of our employees, agents or representatives or otherwise, shall be limited to €100 per passenger per trip. You should insure your luggage with reputable insurers against all usual and normal risks of loss or damage to the full replacement value of the luggage.

6.5 Lost Property:

If you leave or lose any of your luggage whilst travelling on a Coop Service and the luggage is either found by or handed to a member of Coop staff we shall take reasonable care of that luggage. Such luggage will be stored at such a location as we may decide but all such storage will be at the passenger’s risk. We may charge you a reasonable administration fee for the storage and return of your lost luggage.

If you do not collect your lost luggage within 1 month of our receiving or finding it, we reserve the right to dispose of it in any manner we wish, including by destruction or sale and we shall be entitled to keep any sale proceeds. We shall be entitled to open and examine any left or lost luggage. If there are any items which we consider are dangerous or perishable or otherwise unsuitable for storage, we shall be entitled to dispose of such items within 48 hours of our receiving or finding them.

If you find any property on a Coop Vehicle belonging to someone else, you must hand it over to the driver immediately.

Clause 7

7.1 Passenger Behaviour:

Passengers must: 
    • Wear the provided seatbelt at all times whilst the vehicle is in motion. 
    • Behave in a reasonable, sensible and lawful manner whilst a passenger on any Coop Vehicle. 
    • Comply with any request or direction from a member of staff. 
    • Use mobile telephones considerately bearing in mind the comfort of other passengers.

Passengers must not: 
    • Be abusive or threatening to any member of staff or any other person. 
    • Behave in any manner that endangers or threatens the safety or security of any Coop Vehicle, member of staff, passenger or their property. 
    • Behave in any manner, which causes discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury to any Coop Vehicle, member of staff, passenger or their property. 
    • Obstruct or allow any of their luggage to obstruct any aisle, doorway or emergency exit. 
    • Play any radio, cassette player, or other device (electronic or otherwise) whilst on a Coop Vehicle that is audible to any other passenger. 
    • Take onto any Coop Vehicle any alcoholic drinks or drugs (other than medication) with the intention of consuming them or to consume them or board any Coop Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
    • Take onto any Coop Vehicle any hot food (for example chips, kebabs) with the intention of consuming them or to consume them. 
    • Smoke whilst on board any Coop Vehicle. 
    • Board any Coop Vehicle whilst seriously ill or suffering from any contagious disease.

Passengers who fail to comply with the above rules or who we may reasonably believe will breach or continue to breach the above rules may be denied boarding of a Coop Vehicle or be removed from a Coop Vehicle. In such cases further carriage will be denied and the Booking cancelled without refund.

Whilst Coop will use its reasonable endeavours to ensure compliance by passengers with the above rules, we will not be liable for any act or omission of any other passenger whilst on a Coop Vehicle.

Clause 8

8.1 Governing Law:

Maltese Law shall govern all aspects of your Booking and these Conditions of Carriage and the Maltese Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute.

8.2 Severability:

If any of the provisions of these Conditions of Carriage are or become unenforceable then this shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any of the other provisions.

8.3 Your Personal Data:

You agree that personal data may be retained, used and disclosed by us, our agents or sub contractors for the purpose of complying with our obligations under these Conditions of Carriage including, but not limited to, administering your Booking and complying with any legal obligations.

8.4 Amendments and waivers to these Conditions of Carriage:

None of our employees, agents, or representatives, has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of these Conditions of Carriage.

8.5 Third Party Rights:

Unless otherwise stated in these Conditions of Carriage, no person other than you and us shall have the benefit of or be entitled to rely upon or enforce any term of these Conditions of Carriage.