Your Child’s Safety is Our Priority

In preparation for the start of the new scholastic year, Coop Services has embarked on the comprehensive fumigation of its fleet. Over 600 Coop Services minibuses will be fumigated every week. Moreover, in order to ensure strict adherence once school transport starts, minibus drivers have been briefed in detail on the COVID-19 protocols issued by the Health Authorities. Whilst Coop Services remains committed to making the safety of every child a priority, the collaboration of all parents is being sought.

Disinfection of minibuses after every trip

All our drivers were briefed with the latest protocols issued by the Health Authorities to ensure strict adherence once school starts. This includes the disinfection of seats and seat belts after every voyage. Our drivers will be wearing masks and will keep the minibuses well ventilated, keeping windows open when possible, and avoiding air recirculation.

One last thing: We’re in it together.

Prioritising the safety of every child, Coop Services requests your collaboration in ensuring that each child is wearing a mask or visor before entering the school van and that each child sits in the same seat every time the school transport is used. You are kindly asked to take the temperature of your child in the morning before sending them to school. If there are signs of illness, please refrain from sending your child to school.